Real Estate

Real Estate

Draw upon our full complement of services and expertise to help you through land acquisition and disposition, ownership and transactions, financing, land use planning and more. We take a proactive approach to developing and implementing solutions to your distinct challenges to help you manage your real estate assets.

If you are in the market of selling or buying a home or investment property let me help you.

I can not only find the property but I can also do all the legal real estate transactions necessary to insure clear title and to insure a proper conveyance.

I can prepare the:
1. The earnest money contract
2. Review the title commitment and object to all exceptions not beneficial to you.
3. Prepare the warranty deeds.
4. Prepare all releases of liens.
5. Prepare a special power of attorney if a party to the transaction is unavailable for signing;
6. Prepare affidavits of heirships
7. Prepare corporate or company resolutions legally allowing the entity to sell or purchase the property; and
8. Review all settlement statements to insure proper billing. 
    If I represent the seller in the transaction I do not charge you a real estate commission of 3% of the purchase price but             rather an attorney fee of only 1% saving the seller 2% of his net proceeds. I can also list any property for you to ensure a         wide audience.

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